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Asia Global Neolink customizes its services based on the individual client's requirements. Their team of experts quickly and effectively outline a list of the most reliable contractors for each specific project, detailing their individual capabilities and specializations.

A specialized team of auditors evaluates potential or chosen contractors, providing an expert analysis. Equipped with the latest software, Asia Global Neolink tests the software with the most skilled and sound methods.

Why is software testing important?

Testing demonstrates the strengths and drawbacks alike, leveraging or eliminated where necessary. The end goal? Absolute customer satisfaction.

Asia Global Neolink considers software testing an art, strengthening the goodwill and reputation of a firm by certifying deliveries which meet the required specifications. As a result, testing has become an integral part of the software development process.



Asia Global Neolink coordinates with your team, consolidating ideas about the requirement of the software. Special efforts are put to leverage any existing or legacy software solutions with the aim to minimizing the scope of new development.

Crucial details and requirements relative to the software's applications are considered when discovering exactly how you can be expertly assisted. These considerations span from complex data and back-end code, to visual design and front-end software support.

Once an actionable plan has taken shape, the work involved will be organized efficiently. The method and allocation involved in development will depend on your intentions to affect the process, resource restrictions and integration requirements.

Guided by data and research, Asia Global Neolink ensures that the best possible product is created relative to your specific needs. The use of truly contemporary technologies that are above industry standards ensures that the product which delivered endures.

Software as a Service

Software as a service (SaaS) is a cloud based software delivery model which is developed and maintained by the cloud provider. Alongside this maintenance, automatic software updates are provided, as well as the facilitation of software availability to its customers via the internet with a pay-as-you-go model. The cloud provider managers all hardware, middleware, application software and security.

Asia Global Neolink SaaS services provide:

-Reduction of installation/implementation costs

-Elimination of unpredictable costs for

patching and updating

-Rapid data portability

- Use of the latest innovations and updates

- Support for emerging technologies such as A.I., chatbots and Internet of Things

Digital Twin

Considered to be the most innovative stream in the sphere of I.T. An imitation of real and virtual entities, digital twins duplicate the full range of existing processes in real time, allowing for the modeling of multiple situations. The digital representation provides the elements and dynamics of how an Internet of Things (IoT) device operates throughout its lifecycle.

This service unites modern technologies such as A.I., IoT, machine learning and software analytics, simultaneously creating digital simulation models that adapt. Equipped with these tools, the team at Asia Global Neolink cooperates with expert partners to create customized products: buildings, enterprises, industrial units.

2019 and 2020 have been exceptional, allowing Asia Global Neolink success in project collaborations in aircraft building and aerospace companies.

The sky is the limit!

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