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Who is Asia Global Neolink?

With humble beginnings as a small start up, Asia Global Neolink has made strides in the last 2 years. Evolving and growing into a progressive hi-tech firm, it provides services and solutions in the fields of Automated Systems, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

With this growth came the accession of stellar reputation in the areas of software design and testing as well as the customization of hardware and software.

Consistent Growth

Two consecutive years allowed Asia Global Neolink to take part in a project aimed at creating a digital twin. Collaborating with some of the most experienced teams in the area pushes the use of the most progressive and up to date technologies linked with Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. Our crown service offer, Virtual Modelling, is the creation of digital replicas of the objects and assets which make up a whole business unit and enterprises. Anything is possible with the profound technical and intellectual support which has quickly become synonymous with Asia Global Neolink.

The Future of Equipment Trade

Equipment trade has preserved its place among the core specializations of Asia Global Neolink, and they continue to be amongst the best resources for all of your IT needs, ranging from new equipment, refurbished products or hard-to-find parts. 

As a tech distribution specialist, they provide IT solutions for firms of all sizes. World class consulting allows the client to connect the dots and make a strategic and informed purchasing decision. Expedited shipping for the most vital equipment promotes increased safety and risk mitigation. If you are looking for IT equipment, there is no reason to wait!

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